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A show of daffodils by the A6091 Melrose bypas...
The Wilderness Years are over,

they are with us no more;

while birds migrate for winter time,

so Death has closed the door.


The days were, oh, so fleeting,

like butterflies in spring.

The time we spent together

made my lonely heart sing.


Shared memories of daffodils,

we laughed until we cried –

we cried until our tears ran dry,

I was ever by your side.


How could this have happened?

How could you leave this way?

I always think about us –

and mourn you every-day.


Β© Wilderness Years 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


A show of daffodils by the A6091 Melrose bypass road These daffodils are on the northeast embankment of the A6091 near Melrose Roundabout. The verges of a 3km length of road from the roundabout to the eastern end of Melrose were planted with daffodils several years ago [562294]. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)