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As so much emphasis is being placed on staying safe by frequent and thorough hand washing, I thought I’d share this poem acknowledging how important they are to us.
Stay safe people, and keep up the hand washing.



Hands that unpick stitches

Hands that hit or hurt

Hands that cradle babies

Hands that shovel dirt


Hands of holy worship

Hands that take a life

Hands that make a masterpiece

Or paint one with a knife


Hands that create harmony

Hands that cook a meal

Hands that speak a language

Or read on as they feel


Hands that work the fields

Hands that heal wounds

Hands that pluck upon a string

Or conduct symphonic sound


Hands that hold a champagne glass

Hands that serve up trifle

Hands that hold a sweetheart’s hand

Or hands that hold a rifle


Hands that tuck a child in

Hands that make mud pies

Hands that bear a coffin

Or mop sad tears from eyes


Hands that hold a pencil

Hands that turn a page

Hands that write down poetry

Or create a play on stage


Hands can do so many things

They serve our whole life through

For good or bad, with joy or sad

The choice is up to you.


© Hands August 2015

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

First Published in – Counting Magpies (Limited Edition) 2015


Surprise Sandwiches


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Surprise Sandwiches


One of brown sauce, one of red

One of Bovril, jam, or spread

One of lard with salt and pepper

Cheese and pickle tastes much better

Condensed milk is such a treat

Sugar soldiers can’t be beat


Take your pick and do not peek

Surprise sarnies Granddad’s treat!




© Surprise Sandwiches 19.03.2020

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


girl in green and white striped long sleeve shirt holding brown guitar

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I am doing it for you


I will be taking part in Brave the Shave for Macmillan on 21st September. I have lost a lot of beautiful people in my family to cancer. The pictures below show some of those no longer with us. I miss them all very dearly.

I am so delighted to have raised £195, and there is still a week to go! Big, big thank you’s to all who have donated!

You can donate by clicking on either picture to take you to the Macmillan charity page, or you can contact me directly and either pay by paypal, bacs, or in person!

Alex 🙂 xxxx

I Am Doing This For You


I remember you…

Your tiny frame full of fearlessness,

teaching the universe,

the ways of the warrior.


We met in the church choir;

I was eight and you were six.

I am white and you were black,

already born to fight life’s prejudice.


Even then I was frightened;

cancer had claimed so many,

but they were old,

and you were six.


Do you remember the wedding?

Suited and booted, in cassock and gown,

you lifted your wig,

and the horror it caused.


I was only eight,

but I prayed for days and nights,

that God would give me your cancer,

and let you live…

He never did.


I heard your story, at the end,

it hurt for you to be held,

your mummy and daddy wept

whilst you comforted them.


You asked them not to cry,

and you said you’d be alright.

You never came back to choir.

Not long after, you died.


It was at this very time,

I stopped believing in God,

he never answered my prayer,

your prayer, or theirs.


I still remember you…

your tiny frame full of fearlessness,

and how we giggled as girls,

when you doffed your wig to the world.


© I am doing this for you 16.06.2014

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm



I Am Doing This For You II


I am doing this for you,

and for those who never made it,

those who fell by the wayside,

and those who simply gave up.

I am doing this for you,

so I can hold your hand

and be a bigger vessel,

to hold the pain and tears.

I am doing this for you,

to be the one gone forth,

because by doing it for you,

I am doing it for myself too.



© I am doing this for you II 09.04.2015

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


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Brave The Shave


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On the 21st September I have committed to take part in ‘Brave the Shave’ to raise money for the Macmillan (cancer support) Charity.

I am raising money by shaving my hair very short! I thought I would share this journey here and try and raise as much money as I can. If you feel you would like to donate you can either click on the photo above or follow the link below to donate! Even if you can only donate a few pennies, every little will go to this amazing and dedicated charity.


I will keep you updated and entertained with (cringe) photos of me over the years!

You can also follow my adventure on facebook too!



Parris anthology

Copies are still available:)

Worldly Winds

Parris is my latest anthology – poetry inspired by Philip Parris Lynott, Dublin, and mythology. The poems cover the themes of love, loss and longing.

Copies are available directly from me or from amazon.

To order from direct, please email, worldlywinds@mail.com

To order from amazon follow the link below,

Parris https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/197447349X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_PpcdBbW1J5JZ0

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Carole Withany (Series)

Worldly Winds


Carole Withany

I have a friend,

Carole with an ‘e’,

who always,

courted tragedy.

She is the one,

that you will know,

skirt tucked in pants,

she crossed the road.

With flashing earrings –

Disco diva,

at party time,

you dare not leave her.

Across the floor,

her stuff she’ll strut,

with loo roll fluttering,

from her foot.

She plays the bagpipes,

I swear it’s true!

With cheeks bright red,

she’ll kill a tune!

If she were a colour,

I have to say,

shocking pink,

would make her day!

You know the saying…

Why’s it me?

That comes from my friend,

Carol Withany.

We all will know,

a Carole Withany,

she is the best friend,

that could ever be!

© Carole Withany 23.08.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Carole Withany II (Dave’s Seagull)

One summer’s day,

they strolled by the sea,

hand holding hand,

Dave and Carole Withany.

The seagulls they circled,

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This is dedicated to Philomena Lynott. Go well lovely lady.

I wrote this poem in 2016.  I contacted Philomena and asked if it would be alright for me to use ‘Parris’  as the title to my third anthology, as a tribute to her son Philip Parris Lynott.

Phil Lynott as a poet, musician, and singer had a profound impact in my teenage years. The words, music, and mythology intertwined with my complicated and troubled adolescence, getting me through some tough and heartbreaking years.

When I had finished the anthology I sent it to her for her approval. I was really nervous and hoped she would like it. She contacted me to say she loved it. I was both elated and relieved.

Such a beautiful and inspirational lady, I am so glad we had a connection and I got to meet you. You will always be remembered, loved, and an inspiration to us all.




She stepped into the world

in an ill-fitting skin,

and fashioned a coat of shame,

woven with silks gossamer thin,

dip dyed with hues of blame.


Buttoned up with mismatched memories,

with her pockets full of dreams,

hemmed in, hemmed up, Portofino cuff,

stitched up by a seamstress’s seam.

One day she said, enough is enough!


and slipped off that coat infame,

she had grown right in to the ill-fitting skin,

so she crafted herself an new name.

Finally freed from her widow’s weeds,

she called to the Dakinis within.


The moon and the sun in a syzygy dance,

to the tune of the neap tide seas,

coronate crown of abalone shell,

with a cloak of Etesian breeze,

she plucked the lightning out of the skies,


and collected her juvenile tears,

forging an armour from Hadesian hell,

annealed in Elysian fields,

protector of Phthinoporon souls.

She learned to wear her life well.


Philomena by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


Memory Lane

Worldly Winds


electric guitars

trysts in cafe bars

balmy summer days

memory’s a deep purple haze

thirty years of I love you’s

Pearl teardrops soak through

LP’s and RP’s

Creme Eggs and Smarties

he’s not you

that much is true

and I’m not her

old flames


© Memory Lane 14.11.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Picture Credit: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/240238961343388899/



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