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March 69 Mum and me

For my Mum…


I looked through the window,

I thought I saw you;

just a hint of a memory

that I wanted to view.


A past life once lived;

a deep memory pain.

I had to control myself

from calling your name.


Her walk was all wrong

and her hair, not the same,

but she had the same clothes

as I saw in my dream.


I followed behind her

and hoped to see

that it really was you

as you used to be.


I knew it was futile

and couldn’t be true;

you’ve been gone these six years,

it couldn’t be you.


© Mum 2012

Alexandra Carr-Malcolm 2012

Child Within


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I see the child within you,

with your boyish short fair hair.

I hold my arms out to you

I want to show I care.


They may have left you

broken, bewildered and abused,

but I will never leave you

feeling neglected, sad and used.


You stand there like a ghost child,

one sock up and one half down.

too sad, too shy, too quiet,

Your face a pale, sad, frown.


Your little dress is crass and short,

your shoes are scuffed and worn,

your toys are few and far between,

your bear, one eyed and torn.


I see you quietly playing.

keep out the grown-ups way,

don’t let them know of what you think,

they cannot make you say.


Come  child, sit here upon my knee,

Let me soothe away the pain;

cry out your little heart to me

they can’t hurt you again.


Hush child, no need to cry,

I will wipe away your tears.

just hold my hand and follow me,

I can soothe away your fears.


Hold strong, my love, rest in my arms;

be still and do not weep.

Listen to my lullaby

I’ll guard you whilst you sleep.


Be brave and bide your time Karen,

your future may be bright.

Hold the pain, the memories

take up your pen and write


© Child Within 2012

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm




Worldly Winds

English: Ladybird on a sunflower A rare spot o...

Sometimes I feel that I am small,

and I don’t matter anymore,

I am so tired I could surely sleep,

for an eternity I would forever weep,

my heart feels heavy, and my mind so dull,

my body aches from a life lived full.

The fight is gone and the flame subdued,

passion’s waned as a life concludes;

once more be young, footloose and free?

I’ve had my day, and it’s not for me.

© Footloose 05.12.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

English: Ladybird on a sunflower A rare spot of sun and blue sky this August brings a ladybird and a sunflower out at the same time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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