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For a bit of fun I thought I’d gather together the anthologies I’ve appeared in, plus my three books – I was pleasantly surprised that it amounts to 13 books!

I have plenty of copies of my own anthologies available – please feel free to leave a comment if you want to order one.

I have some copies of the collaborative anthologies or links to where you can buy a copy, let me know and I can point you in the right direction!

Righto I’d better get cracking on book number 14!!!


Cromford Mills

Today I attended an event at Cromford Mills in Matlock, Derbyshire.

This has been a heritage project through Nottingham University, looking at the cotton trade and also the untold stories of slavery.

Cromford Mills is definitely worth a visit, lots to see and learn about the weaving industry.

Wall hangings, songs, stories, and an anthology of poetry were the culmination of the project. I had two poems in the anthology and was lucky enough to be invited along to read them.

It was a moving, thought provoking and educational visit – so much talent from many communities.

I will definitely visit again!

The Queen’s Dreams

In memory of Willow ❤

Worldly Winds


The Queen sat on her regal throne,

surveying all she could see;

(but really all she wanted

was a lovely cup of tea.)

Crowds were waiting with baited breath,

the flags were all a flutter.

Cameras flashed from left to right

(Tea with scones and some butter!)

Reporters pushed and jostled the crowd;

Policeman guarded the path,

visitors cheered and children waved

(after tea, a bubble bath?)

Back home at the palace, all alone

she kicked off her royal shoes,

sank into her favourite comfy chair

(and wiggled her aching toes)

Hither and thither the corgis scamper,

pleased to be back at home –

Emma, Linnet, Holly, and Willow

(Oh for some time alone!)

The Queen was tired and went to bed,

she snuggled down to rest;

thinking of the day’s events

(My job is just the best!)

© The Queen’s Dreams 2012

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Picture credit:

Beryl Cook’s…

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Worldly Winds


Veiled in anonymity,

hidden from the world to see,

living out my life I’m never known.

Feeling that I don’t belong;

you all sing a different song,

quietly I slip on by unseen.

As the moon its teardrops cry,

each a star lights up the sky,

as it hears my heartbreak every night.

One day though I will belong,

you will hear my siren’s song,

ring throughout the universe unbound.

Until then I’m here to stay,

writing with my words I play,

poets sybarite will haunt my heart.

© Sybarites 28.10.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Picture credit – unknown – if you are the owner and wish for the picture to be removed please contact me, likewise if you are the owner and wish to be credited, please provide details and I will happily add the credit.


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****** Stars ******

Worldly Winds



I reach up

Pluck the stars from the sky

Put them in my pocket

To keep them safe

Once I have climbed

The lofty mountain

And reached the highest peak

I set them free

To twinkle

And make

The night


© Stars 09.09.2015

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

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Daffodils always remind me of my Mum 🙂

Worldly Winds


Picture credit: enchanted Pinterest

Sorry about the blurry focus on the youtube clip! I don’t know what happened, at least I didn’t break the camera.

My mum was diagnosed with cancer in March 2005. The seasonal flower around Easter is the daffodil, consequently in the hospital she received a lot of beautiful vibrant daffodils. Also very significant as it is the symbol for Marie Curie cancer care.

I wrote this poem a few weeks later whilst she was in the hospice.

It is true – if you put a vase of tightly closed daffodils on a warm and sunny window ledge, you can hear them creak and crinkle as they open 🙂 I noticed this whilst she was sleeping and I was sat by her side.


Those last few weeks

we spent watching the daffodils.

Like two mischievous schoolgirls

we laughed until we cried

we cried until we…

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Happy Easter!

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