Yorkshire by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm (Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series)

Worldly Winds:

This is one of my poems. Thank you to Silver Birch Press for featuring it in their latest series :)

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

My love affair with Yorkshire,
is strange to the extreme,
the rain comes down in stair rods,
and puddles turn to streams.

Flint faced buildings stand proud,
the natives just the same;
hard with a directness,
reflecting poverty’s pain.

“Aye up love,” and “Ta duck,”
a mantra of the North,
a warmth and loyal passion,
found around the hearth.

Depleted coal face scenery,
ghost towns from the past,
mine the depths of politics,
betrayed by bluest lass.

Coal-dust mottled snowscapes,
contrast the wuthering heights,
bleak outstanding wilderness,
the slag heap moors by night.

My soul belongs in Yorkshire,
with Brontë, Hughes, and Moore,
this northern heart keeps beating,
‘til death doeth close the door.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I grew up in and around coal mining communities. My Grandfather, uncle, and cousins worked as miners. I saw the devastation caused in the 1980s when the coal…

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Originally posted on Worldly Winds:


Slowly, slowly, creeps the dawn,

with monstrous shapes,

and shifting form,

‘tween death and sleep,

my soul doeth lie,

this never world,

where hope does die.

Alas my sense,

it leaves me cold,

splintered spine,

as I’ve grown old

and weary of

this mortal world,

a waiting hell,



The antidote

to death

is sleep –



sneer, and



© Hades  02.05.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Hades. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Striking the Blues

Worldly Winds:

With an impending election – I thought this was worth another airing :)

Originally posted on Worldly Winds:

Pit head silhouette

Iconic charming history,

repeats the sad refrain,

as, once more, we get screwed over,

we sing along again;

the blues echo a doleful tune,

and strike the same discord,

man mines the depths of misery,

bank on, fools, gold reward!

We steel ourselves with loyalty,

patriotic to the ends,

whilst red skies scream solemnity,

we bend our plastic friends.

Ironic charnel history,

repeats the shame, refrain,

prepare to get screwed over,

as we sing along in vain.

© Striking the Blues 08.01.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Pit head silhouette (Photo credit: alastairb)


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Call for Submissions: Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:


Here in Los Angeles we’re grateful that each day people from around the world visit the Silver Birch Press blog — and we’d  like to get to know you better through your poetry about and/or photographs of the place where you live.

PROMPT: Tell us about where you live in a poem — and especially how you feel about the place and what it means (or doesn’t mean) to you. Or show us where you live in a photo.

WHAT: Submissions can be original or previously published poems or original photographs. You retain all rights to your work and give Silver Birch Press permission to publish on social media and in a potential print edition.

WHEN: We’ll feature the work in the Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series during February and March 2015.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Email one poem to silver@silverbirchpress.com as an MSWord attachment — and in the same…

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2nd Place!


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I am so delighted to have won second place in Dagda Publishing’s Homecoming competition.

The write up is spot on too!

I wrote this poem whilst on retreat. Every morning, whilst meditating, the geese would fly off to a nearby lake, and in the evenings I would hear them returning back to their roost. The sight and sound of them was magical and primal.

Towards the end of the retreat I started to think about the journey home. Myself and friends heading back home to Yorkshire, (the North), full of hope, expectation and viewing the world with new eyes.

You can see the full poem by clicking the link below –


Thank you very much to Dagda Publishing for awarding me second place, I am thrilled and giddy! Please take a moment to check out their page as they do showcase some great writers and poets regularly on their site.












Photo credit: Found on thevintaquarian.com  Pinterest


Worldly Winds:

This one is for my Mum who would have been 68 today – Happy Birthday <3

Originally posted on Worldly Winds:

How I wish,

you were around,

to keep my feet,

upon this ground,

to clip my wings,

and whisper this…

Life’s a play –


don’t give up,

and don’t give in,

it’s just a game,

that no one wins.

© Protagonist 29.01.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


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The Waiting Game by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm (I Am Waiting Poetry Series)

Worldly Winds:

*happy dance*

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

I am waiting for my turn.
Playing the game,
forever stuck.
Do not pass GO,
do not collect £200.

I am waiting to see the blue Angel,
to battle the red square,
stroll down Park Lane
and stay a while…
at the Mayfair.

I am waiting for my Chance,
my, Get Out of Jail Free,
the bank error in my favour,
to win second place in – anything,
my inheritance.

I go back three spaces,
make general repairs to my green house,
pay my taxes – that’s fine,
for Doctor’s fee – read prescription.

I’m done with waiting!
Do I pay a £10 fine,
or take a Chance,
or do I wait –
two die?

IMAGE: “Monopoly Board Game” by Tek Image. Prints available at fineartamerica.com.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alexandra Carr-Malcolm was born and raised in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK, and now…

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2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,800 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

The Other Side of Me

Originally posted on Worldly Winds:

Punch and Judy's Carribean Vacation





Do you know,

the other side of me?

Where the grass is greener,

and the soul is darker.


Do you know only,

my second face?

Not like the rest,

the one I keep for best.


Do you know,

if this is sunny side up

heads up, tales down,

turn that frown

upside down?


I think you know,

Little Miss Sunshine,

but have you met Judy

within or without?


Do you know,

the essence of me?

Not that of vanilla,

of sugar and spice,

but one of fear.


Do you know,

the other side of me?

Where the grass is greener,

and the soul is darker.


© The Other Side of Me 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Punch and Judy’s Carribean Vacation (Photo credit: _william)



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Carole Withany

Worldly Winds:

Due to a request – here’s one I wrote earlier ;)

Originally posted on Worldly Winds:

I have a friend,

Carole with an, ‘e’,

who always,

courted tragedy.

She is the one,

that you will know,

skirt tucked in pants,

she crossed the road.

With flashing earrings –

Disco diva,

at party time,

you dare not leave her.

Across the floor,

her stuff she’ll strut,

with loo roll fluttering,

from her foot.

She plays the bagpipes,

I swear it’s true!

With cheeks bright red,

she’ll kill a tune!

If she were a colour,

I have to say,

shocking pink,

would make her day!

You know the saying…

Why’s it me?

That comes from my friend,

Carol Withany.

We all will know,

a Carole Withany,

she is the best friend,

that could ever be!

© Carole Withany 23.08.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

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