Le Lièvre de la Lune by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

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This is one of my favourite poems :)

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Le Lièvre de la Lune

‘Twas the night of full moon which was creamy and round,
four friends hatched a plot, offering food they had found,
to the venerable monks transcendent to bliss,
and providing them alms, so no merit they’d miss.

First went the otter down to the banks,
finding several dead fish that were old and smelled rank,
he collected the fish and enquired with glee,
“Are these anyone’s fish? No? Now they belong to me!”

Next came the Jackal quite sleek, strong, and sly,
he snook in a house where he did espy,
an old yoghurt pot, and his luck was abound ,
‘cause there in the corner a dead gecko he found.

He sniffed at the air and whispered with care,
“Are these vitals yours? Is anyone there?”
Then quick on his foot, he picked up the pot,
stuffed the gecko inside it, and off he…

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Call for submissions: ME, IN FICTION Poetry and Prose Series

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

madame bovary.jpg
Ever imagine yourself as a character in a book, movie, or mythic tale (or would you like to do so)?  We want to hear all about your fictional musings in poetry or prose, where you appear as a character in an established work of fiction. (You would be, say, Oliver Twist or Emma Bovary, or you could create a new character that appears in the story.)  If available, please send a photo of yourself at any age to accompany your submission.

PROMPT: Tell us how you see yourself in an established work of fiction in a poem (any reasonable length) or prose piece (300 words or fewer).

WHAT: Submissions can be original or previously published poems or prose. You retain all rights to your work and give Silver Birch Press permission to publish on social media and in a potential print edition.

WHEN: We’ll feature the poems and prose in…

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Oh Vanessa, Vanessa,

where do you get off?

with your dark overlord poetry,

another trendy hip goth.

Vampiric feasting from honest dark grief,

poetic death porn, for your gratuitous relief.

Stand up! Stand up! You superstar!

Perform and pose, so we see who you are.

Don’t think of your morals, your duty, or ethics,

just another shock jock out to get your death fix.

Don’t think of the victims, dead or alive,

those with slashed apart souls just trying to strive,

to cope with the day and get through to the end,

with ripped apart lives that can never mend;

trying to breathe, lungs molten with mourning,

to those who’ve met death without prior warning,

who’ve stood at the edge of the gaping abyss,

and see your floor show for the ego fix that is.

Just think of your creed, your name and your art,

don’t care for the wake of what’s torn apart.

After all – responsibility – is it all yours?

Oh no – surely not – you perform for your cause!

I’ll remember your face and your soft slick show,

as you pose to the kids on your high pedestal;

but the audience was captive, no choice in the matter,

as you trotted out mentally destructive chatter.

Stuck on the front in the audience stare,

in a flashback that rendered me froze to the chair,

reliving the horror, of the cruelty of death,

the pain and the agony spewed from your breath.

Did you even know what you had done?

either ignorance, or intended, it can’t be undone.

You’ve uncaged a monster that now preys on my mind,

I cannot conceive someone can be that unkind,

So that takes me to ignorance, and the stupidity is,

Oh Vanessa, Vanessa, it was you that did this.


© Vanessa 25.11.2014

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Picture credit: Pinteresthttps://uk.pinterest.com/pin/524317581589569768/



Silhouettes and Soliloquies

Worldly Winds:

A Golden Oldie :)

Originally posted on Worldly Winds:

The Eerie Cold
I’m hiding in the shadows,

it’s where I long to be,

drifting into dreamscapes,

singing sad soliloquies.

I have my other life, you see?

I’ve lived it since a child;

It’s not quite real – that I know,

but I’ve lived it for a while.

The daytime is the hardest,

a cruel life chased by death;

but night time is so easy,

sleep brings immortal breath.

What’s real, what’s not?

Well who’s to say?

Each one its own delusion,

by night the moon –

by day the sun –

each life is an illusion.

Shadows play upon my mind,

ghosts welcome setting sun;

silhouettes of dreams gone by

half-lives, loves-lived, undone.

So let me go, and leave me be,

to live each night anew.

I’ll sing my sweet soliloquies,

while dreams bring me to you.

© Silhouettes and Soliloquies 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

The Eerie Cold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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New Anthology – Counting Magpies

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Something to brighten up your rainy Sunday afternoon :)

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It has been a whirlwind week with the release of my second anthology, ‘Counting Magpies’. I was totally delighted and stunned when it made it as high as number 3 in the Amazon Kindle poetry listings!!

If you like edgy poetry along the theme of superstition and the darker side of life, why not grab yourself a copy for the weekend. Reasonably priced at £1.99 – for the price of a Happy Meal you can indulge in a bit of culture.

Have a great weekend!!

Alex :)


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Natural Order


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Remembering my cousin.









How can it be?

When it is not natural.

Not this way,

from the blind side.

How can it be?


When it is out of order,

out of the ordinary,

extra ordinary.

You oxymoron,

natural order.

How can it be?


© Natural Order 07.11.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Findlay’s spirit (Photo credit: beccaplusmolly)

The Selfless Hare


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Janice Foley is one of my favourite artists – to celebrate my 50th Birthday I commissioned a painting from her.  I asked her to base it on my poem ‘Le Lievre de la Lune’. This is what she came up with – It’s fabulous isn’t it? (Click on the painting and it will take you to Janice’s page).

The Selfless Hare

There is a story behind the painting which is told in the poem, ‘Le Lievre de la Lune’. You can find out the story in my latest anthology, ‘Counting Magpies’. Click on the book cover to take you to the Amazon page. You can purchase a copy for £1.99 on Kindle :)












You can follow Janice Foley at https://www.facebook.com/Jannizart



Thank you to the 98 authors who participated in our MY SWEET WORD Series!

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Another brilliant series :) Thank you Silver Birch Press :)

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

ice cream photo1

A heartfelt thank you to the 98 authors — from 25 states and 13 countries — who contributed their work to our MY SWEET WORD Series, which ran from September 16 – October 31, 2015. We really loved this series! One of the best ever! Many thanks to our authors from around the world!

Steve Luria Ablon (Massachusetts)
Tobi Alfier (California)
Elizabeth Alford (California)
Sandra Anfang (California)
Barbara Bald (New Hampshire)
BAM (Japan)
Anna Lena Phillips Bell (North Carolina)
Tara Betts (Illinois)
Michele Hyatt-Blankman (Maryland)
Jane Boch (Virginia)
Rose Mary Boehm (Peru)
Michèle Alter Brenton (Wales)
Harry Calhoun (North Carolina)
Don Kingfisher Campbell (California)
Alexandra Carr-Malcolm (England)
Adrian Ernesto Cepeda (California)
Tricia Marcella Cimera (Illinois)
SuzAnne C. Cole (Texas)
Joanne Corey (New York)
Chella Courington (California)
Rodrigo Dela Peña, Jr. (Singapore)
Melanie Dunbar (Michigan)
Lisken Van Pelt Dus (Massachusetts)
Barbara Eknoian (California)
Brian Evans-Jones (Maine)
Jennifer Finstrom (Illinois)
Rebecca Fremo…

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Over the Hill


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I had a fabulous birthday. I spent the day in Whitby, ate lunch overlooking the harbour, went on a Captain Cook ship adventure, and was generally treated like a Queen for the day. This being 50 is turning out to be fun after all!

Thank you so much for all the kind, ‘likes’ and birthday wishes – you are a great bunch!! I thought I would share a few pictures of my half centenary day!!
















Have you had chance to download a copy of my latest anthology, ‘Counting Magpies’? The link is below – Click on the book cover and it will take you to the amazon page :)






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Well… this Sunday is a very special day – it will be my half century birthday! Yikes, how did that happen? You lovely people have already made it a special month by purchasing copies of my new anthology and pushing it to number 3 on the Amazon Kindle Poetry charts.

I would like to ask a big favour – if you have had chance to flick through and read ‘Counting Magpies’, could you leave me a review on Amazon and Goodreads – that would be like an extra super birthday present! If you would like to buy a copy of ‘Counting Magpies’, please click on the links below to buy a copy for £1.99.





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