Le Lièvre de La Lune


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This was a poem I wrote in June 2014. It is based on the Jataka Tales – The Selfless Hare, or, The Hare in the Moon. 

Le Lievre de la Lune

Black Rose

Worldly Winds:

In memory for what should have been Phil Lynott’s 65th birthday – still missed – Legend

Originally posted on Worldly Winds:


The last of the summer rays

blush gently on my cheek.

Tears fall like dew from the morning rose.

The flower blossoms,

the flower blooms.

Slowly it fades

as petals fall

one by one

the spirit

is gone.

I wear my heart upon my sleeve,

I also wear my rose.

Both are there for you to see.

The flower blossoms,

the flower blooms.

Slowly it fades

as petals fall

one by one

the spirit

is gone.

The last rose of summer cries.

The heart beats deathly slow.

The sun has set beneath the skies.

The flower blossoms,

the flower blooms.

Slowly it fades

as petals fall

one by one

the spirit

is gone.

© Black Rose 2012

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

black rose 1 (Photo credit: Melinda Taber)


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I Am Doing This For You


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I remember you…
Your tiny frame full of fearlessness,
teaching the universe,
the ways of the warrior

To see the full poem click on this link

Photo credit: courtesy of Ancestral Archives of Derbyshire



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With tick after tock

as life leaves the clock,

time is ebbing away,

and tock before tick,

where time starts to slip,

reality shrouded in grey.

The pendulum swings

as the death knell rings

night bleeds into day,

as midnight chimes,

love’s sleep is sublime,

youth has out welcomed its stay.


© Thirteen 13.08.2014

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


Picture credit: Picture courtesy of www.commentsyard.com


Camping Capers


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Here’s a silly one I wrote a couple of years ago – and guess what – we are going back to Devon…. in a Chalet! Should be a fun week as hubby and I are both ill, eldest son is not happy as there is no wifi connection, so in essence I am ruining his social life and love life!! Only my youngest is up for this trip! Hopefully it may inspire a few more poems! See you all in a week!!


I’m back from Devon,

I really am!

We stayed in a tent –

not a caravan!


They said it’d be cold,

I didn’t believe ‘em,

now I want to go home,

to my central heating.


The tent was fun,

it really was!

I really enjoyed it,

despite the frost.


The night was long,

we had power cuts;

we couldn’t do owt,

it drove us nuts!


The rain lashed down,

and the winds were a fright.

We sat and played Black Jack

on a cold, dark camp site.


I hated the night time,

I really did!

It was so flippin’ noisy,

sleep? – God forbid!


For hours at a time

the little ones whinged.

All the drunks they sang songs,

whilst the sober ones cringed.


Early morning was quiet.

No – I lied,  it was not!

The babies would bawl

to get out of their cot.


The mud was fun

as we took down the tent;

the rain not so much,

and I started to vent!


A six hour trip

and now we are near.

Was it all worth it –

shall we do it next year?



© Camping Capers 2012

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


camping, tent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)”]

Message For All Who Have Already Submitted Poetry

Worldly Winds:

Last chance!!

Originally posted on The Wait Poetry Anthology:

Dear Poets,

You are all talented, wonderful human beings and we salute your bravery and generosity in submitting your work for our charity project.

We want to show your work to as many people as possible, and add to your already impressive numbers while we still have time – so if you have Facebook, Twitter or a blog, then please please PLEASE share the link below and lets reach a few more poets before Friday!


Thank you!More than all this, we just want to say THANK YOU, for your hard work and your support – and best of all, for the brilliant poetry we’ve been privileged to read. We’ll be including at least one poem from everyone who submitted.

You’re our favourite humans :)


The Wait Poetry Team



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