Alex’s Favourites

Here are a selection of my personal favourites

1.  Paramour

2.  The Swallow’s Farewell 

3.  Mum

4.  Black Rose 

5.  Broken

6.  Child Within

7.  Bittersweet Bitter Suite

8.  For the Love of Rainbows

9.  Wilderness Years

10. Silhouettes and Soliloquies

11. I Wish

12. First Love 

13. Dreams

14. Fair Days and Foul 

15. Never Trust a Faerie

16. Trilogy 

17. When I am Dead

18  Seven Years On

19. Big Pants

20. The Dandelion Ballad

21. Eight Lilies

22. Remembrance

23. Opus to Alex

24. Trilogy

25. The Other Side of Me

26. Day of the Dead

27. Dying to Meet You

28. Dublin


2 thoughts on “Alex’s Favourites”

  1. Oh wow! I’ve read the first two and love them! I will be coming back when I have more time to read and really enjoy them! =^.^=

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